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Regular Bone-In or Boneless Wings

BBQ, Buffalo, Honey Chipotle, Spicy Garlic, Carolina Gold

  • 6 Count....................5.95
  • 12 Count...................10.99

Blooming Petals--------------4.59

Onion Rings (6)---------------------3.99

Fried Mushroom--------------4.79

Fried Dill Pickles--------------4.79

Mozzarella Sticks (6)-------- 4.79

Shrimp Cocktail----------------7.99

Blackened Shrimp------------9.99

1/2 lb Steamed Shrimp------9.99

1/2 lb Lobster Tail-------------13.59

1/2 lb Crab Legs---------------11.99

Full lb Crab Legs--------------23.59

Fresh Salads

Steamed Veggie Plate 9.79

Grilled Chicken Salad 12.79

Shrimp Salad 12.79

Salad Bar as meal 8.25

Side Salad added to meal 2.99

Fried items

(Some Plates Offered in 2 Sizes)

Chicken Tenders-----------------------LG...11.99

Fillet of Flounder------SM...10.99 / LG...12.99

Fillet of Perch----------SM...10.99 / LG...12.99

Fillet of Catfish--------SM...10.99 / LG...12.99

Whole Founder------------------------LG...Market Price

Whole Catfish----------SM...10.99 / LG...13.29

Deviled Crabs--------------------Three for 9.99

Crab Cakes------------------------------------13.99

Calabash Shrimp------SM...11.99 / LG...13.99

Green Shrimp-----------SM...12.99 / LG...14.99

Fantail Shrimp----------SM...12.29 / LG...13.99

Jumbo Shrimp----------SM...12.99 / LG...14.99

Fresh Scallops---------------------------LG...Market Price

Fried Oysters-----------SM...14.99 / LG...16.99 

Served with Choice:  Fries, Baked Potato, or Sweet Potato

All Plates come with Hush-Puppies, Slaw, and Tartar Sauce

combo platters

Fillet of Flounder, Perch, Catfish, Catfish Fillet, Oysters, Devil Crab,Chicken Tenders, Jumbo, Green or Fantail Shrimp

Choose 2--------------------------------------14.99

Choose 3--------------------------------------15.99

Seafood Platter------------------------------16.59

(Seafood Platter includes: Fillet of Flounder, Green Shrimp, Fried Oysters, and a Deviled Crab.)

Served with Choice:  Fries, Baked Potato, or Sweet Potato

All Plates come with Hush-Puppies, Slaw, and Tartar Sauce

Broiled Seafood Plates 

(Please Allow Time To Prepare and Cook)

Filet of Flounder----13.99        

Green Shrimp--------14.99

Whole Flounder-----Market Price

Scallops----------------Market Price

Jumbo Shrimp-------14.99

Salmon Filet---------- 14.99

Stuffed Flounder--- 14.99

Catfish Filet---------- 12.99

Served with Choice:  Fries, Baked Potato, or Sweet Potato

Tilapia w/ Steamed Veggies  14.99

All Plates come with Hush-Puppies, Slaw, and Tartar Sauce

Steak, Chicken, and Chops

(Please Allow Time To Prepare and Cook)

Marinated Grilled Chicken Breast-----13.25

Surf & Turf Special----------------26.49

  • 10oz Ribeye and Skewered Jumbo Shrimp

Center Cut Sirloin------6oz: 14.99 / 10oz: 17.49

Ribeye---------------------10oz: 20.49 / 12oz: 22.99

Filet Mignon--------------6oz: 22.99 / 9oz: 25.99

Chopped Sirloin--------12oz: 13.49

Sirloin Beef Tips-------8oz: 14.79

Filet Mignon Tips------7oz: 17.99

8oz Grilled Pork Chop--------1 for 11.49 / 2 for 15.49

1 & 1/2 LB Crab Leg Dinner.----30.99

    Add Mushrooms, Peppers and/or Onions: add 2.00  

    Served with Choice:  Fries, Baked Potato, or Sweet Potato

    All Served with Texas Toast and choice of  Side Salad or Slaw



    Fried Chicken Breast Sandwich---$7.99

    Blackened Chicken Sandwich-----$9.99

    Fillet of Flounder Sandwich---------$8.99

    Grilled Seasoned Hamburger------$8.99

    Pulled Pork BBQ------------------------$8.99

    6 oz Ribeye Steak Sandwich..........$11.25

    Sandwich Toppings (no charge, just ask)

    • Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Mayo, Mustard, Ketchup

    Served with Choice: 

     Fries, Baked Potato, or Sweet Potato



    (Free Refills)

    Water (FREE)

    Sweet or Un-Sweet Tea


    Coca-Cola & Diet Coke

    Sprite & Dr. Pepper

    Sundrop & Cherry Fanta 

    Pink Lemonade 


    Homemade Cheesecakes----------3.99

    • New York Style Original

    • Caramel Apple

    • Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

    • Oreo Cookie

    Fried Oreos (6)-------------------------3.99

    Homemade Key-Lime Pie----------2.99

    Triple Chocolate Cake---------------1.99

    (Subject to Availability)